Kimmel Uses The ‘I’ Word Against Louisiana Senator

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Jimmy Kimmel reached deep into his basket of Southern smears during his Thursday night monologue. While referencing Republican Sen. John Neely Kennedy’s support of the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live called the Louisiana legislator “inbred.”

Using more Southern stereotypes, Kimmel suggested that if you’re opposed to Obamacare, Republicans must have retrieved you “out of the swamp.”

Kimmel showed viewers a clip of Kennedy accusing Kimmel, along with Sen. Bernie Sanders, of being the biggest critics of the Graham-Cassidy legislation. Kennedy acknowledges that Kimmel might be “a funny guy” but suggested a stand-up comic might not be the best choice for health care advice.

“I wouldn’t take advice from Charlie Sheen, either,” said Kennedy.

That apparently put Kimmel over the edge after his live audience groaned.

The late night host assured viewers that he didn’t consider himself a health care know-it-all but was only following the lead of the American Medical Association, which is critical of the health care bill.

“But I understand the gist of what he’s saying,” Kimmel said of Kennedy’s remarks. “I should not be the guy you go to for information about health care, and if these guys — like inbred John Kennedy — would tell the truth for a change, I wouldn’t have to.”

The Graham-Cassidy bill is the latest Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare — this effort offers block grants to the states.

Kimmel suggested that Trump hates Obamacare because it reminds him of the former president. Sounding more like Bill Mahr, Kimmel joked that Trump thinks Medicare and Medicaid are the same thing, because, after all, he “barely knows the difference between Melanie and Ivanka [Trump].”

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