Megyn Kelly: ‘Absurd’ How Many Reporters Are Biased Against Trump

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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NBC’s Megyn Kelly decried the “absurd” levels of media bias against President Donald Trump in a new interview on Friday.

Kelly, formerly of Fox News, will supplement her Sunday night show on NBC with a new morning show called “Megan Kelly Today.” She told TV Newser that being at NBC is “a relief” because she is “out of the vitriolic stew that is cable news prime time,” and also admits that there is “media bias” against the president.

“There are so many reporters who are completely biased against Trump, it’s absurd,” Kelly said. “He’s right that they’re biased against him. They’re extremely biased against him. And some play right into it.”

“They do themselves no service with that tactic,” she said of the biased reporting.

Kelly also said her new show will only partially focus on politics because she is “sick” of everything being political.

“I’m not saying we’re never going to be political,” she said when asked if she would ever invite Trump to come on our show. “That’s not our mission statement but it’s also not cable news prime time, which is all politics.”

“Can’t I have an escape? Must everything be political?” she asked.

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