The Left Warms Up To North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is growing in popularity on America’s political left-wing as the despot engages in a war of words with President Trump.

Progressives have shown an increasing willingness to embrace the brutal dictator as a means of attacking Trump, and some in the media have given the brutal dictator friendly, celebrity-like coverage.

Left-wing activists, meanwhile, are eagerly spreading pro-North Korea propaganda and making excuses for the dictator’s murderous activities. (RELATED: North Korean Defector Describes In Detail Kim Jong Un’s Extremely Brutal Executions)

Un’s public attacks on Trump on Tuesday prompted praise for the dictator by some in the media.

Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak fawned over Un in a column published Friday morning.

Dvorak was giddy about Un’s use of the word “dotard” to describe Trump. “Sorry, Trump, you were trumped,” she wrote of the insult. “Kim Jong Un insult level: Expert.”

Comedian and Women’s March speaker Chelsea Handler claimed Un’s rhetoric was “a little bit more sane” than Trump’s, and suggested the U.S. and North Korea “trade” leaders, adding that the “U.S. and Syria are the only two countries opposed to the Paris climate deal.” (RELATED: Women’s March Praises Cop-Killing Terrorist As ‘Sign Of Resistance’)

“Kim Jong Un is right,” liberal writer Toure wrote in response to the dictator’s attack on Trump’s “unprecedented rude nonsense.”

BuzzFeed, meanwhile, posted an article on Friday titled, “I Think We Need To Talk About Kim Jong Un’s Pants Because They Are Amazing,” that gushed over the dictator’s clothing choices.

Refuse Fascism, a leading “resistance” group against Trump, has been spreading pro-North Korea propaganda for months now.

Trump warned North Korea last week that if America “is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

Refuse Fascism quickly denounced Trump’s remarks as a “fascist gangster” who posed “an immediate mortal threat to the 25 million people of North Korea, and in fact to the entire planet.”

Trump’s warning to UN about what will happen if North Korea starts a war means “that the Trump regime poses a greater danger to the people of the world than Hitler did,” the activist group declared.

The group, which was launched as a direct response to Trump’s election, includes a mix of left-wing activists and academics on its list its “initiators,” including Harvard professor Cornel West. West was a member of the DNC’s 2016 platform committee and campaigned on behalf of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary.

Refuse Fascism has framed the U.S.-North Koreas standoff as “the largest military power in the world bullying a small, isolated country and terrorizing the people of that entire region.”

In July, Refuse Fascism issued a statement accusing the U.S. of using a “playbook of demonization” against Kim Jong Un. The statement urged Americans to put aside their country’s and “act in the interests of humanity instead.” The statement urged against “thinking like an American.”

Workers World Party, one of several activist groups organizing demonstrations against Confederate statues, has taken a decidedly pro-North Korea position.

On Sept. 12, Workers World published an open letter to “Comrade Kim Jong Un.” The letter said that the American communist group “sends its heartfelt congratulations to the Workers’ Party of Korea and to the people of the DPRK for your courage and honesty in standing up to U.S. imperialism.”

“Be assured of our continued solidarity, in word and in deed, as we struggle within the ‘belly of the beast’ for the socialist future,” the letter added.

Both Workers World and Refuse Fascism have consistently echoed North Korean talking points that demonize America while excusing Un’s genocidal regime and have attacked American media reporting that they think reflects too negatively on North Korean leaders’ oppression of their own people. (RELATED: Kim Jong-Un Guns Down Five Senior Officials With An Anti-Aircraft Gun)