Milo Tears Into ‘Liberal’ Washington Pub For Equating Him To A Neo-Nazi

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Ex-Breitbart News Tech Editor and Dangerous author Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t going to nix an interview with a Washington publication that has offended him. Instead, he’ll make the reporter sweat bullets as he rakes her outlet over a hotbed of fiery coals, delighting in each singe that his words create in the most awkward interview of the week.

Milo’s latest speaking event at Berkeley was canceled. He was able to hold a brief unofficial event Sunday at the campus’s Sproul Plaza, where a large group of counter-demonstrators congregated around him.

According to the Los Angeles Times, President Trump supporters were in the minority.

The Hill‘s Taylor Lorenz was in Berkeley trying to do an interview with Milo. Just a little historical reference: Lorenz got punched in the face by a counter-protester in August at a rally in Charlottesville.

Milo — all decked out in an extravagant black fur hooded parka, a well-opened white button-down and back leather pants — was in an uproar because he says his team of publicists and attorneys have contacted The Hill some 10 times about referring to him as an “alt-right provocateur.” He says alt-right is a phrase that is now heavily associated with being a Neo-Nazi. He therefore wants nothing to do with it.

To say he doesn’t appreciate being described as alt-right is putting it mildly.

“How much black dick do I have to suck for you to stop calling me a Neo-Nazi?” Milo asks Lorenz, calling on readers to “boycott” The Hill.

Lorenz replies, “I can feel your frustration and I am sympathetic to it.”



Growing Increasingly bitchy, he urged Lorenz to work for The Daily Mail, which he considers to be a far superior, more fair-minded news outlet. Lorenz was formerly head of social media for The Daily Mail. At one point the camera pans to the interviewer’s cameraman whose eyes are bulging and jaw is dropped.

This is not a light and breezy interview.

“Just before we sat down I nearly threw you out,” Milo tells Lorenz, after he told her he’s going “all fuckin’ scorched earth” on her for The Hill calling him alt-right.

To her credit, Lorenz tries her best to calm Milo down. At least long enough to get him to answer her questions.

“It’s designed to suggest I have some sympathy with white supremacists,” he says of the phrase alt-right. “It’s fucking disgusting.”

He urged readers to throw The Hill into the trash.

“If you’re watching this because you’re a Hill reader, just stop reading The Hill until they start telling the truth about people because this is just a lie,” he says. “It’s unacceptable.”

Milo semi warmed to Lorenz toward the end of the clip.

“So Milo, can you tell me about, like, some of the stuff planned going forward?” she asks.

“Log off the livestream,” he demands. “They don’t deserve me.”

“Ahhhahahahaha,” Lorenz laughs, trying to soothe him. “Well I hope they deserve to hear what you have to say.”

He continues, “You should get a job somewhere else. Why don’t you work somewhere nice? …I remember you. You used to work for a respectable publication. Now you work for this nasty leftist gossip rag in D.C.”

Lorenz again tries to soothe him.

She tells him being misinterpreted by the media is a frustration a lot of people share with him.

Suffice it to say Milo was not soothed.