Pelosi Can’t Pronounce Colin Kaepernick’s Name [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday butchered the name of Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback whose protests of the national anthem are now at the center of a political firestorm.

Pelosi was asked about the controversy during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Host Chuck Todd asked Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat, about President Trump’s recent comments about the protests touched off by Kaepernick, who played for the San Francisco 49ers through last season.

“I’d like him to do what he said he would do when he ran and was inaugurated to bring people together. He should see this as an opportunity,” Pelosi said.

She then proceeded to mispronounce Kaepernick’s name.

“Somebody, Colin Komper, Komper, Kompernick [sic] doing what he did, he said this flag enables me to do this, this anthem enables me to do this, this is about freedom of expression,” she added.


[h/t Washington Free Beacon]

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