CNN Commentator Shames NFL Owners: ‘They Care About Making Money’ [VIDEO]

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CNN commentator Bob Ferguson took on NFL owners Monday, saying they were only interested in winning games and making money during an appearance on “CNN Newsroom.”

“The owners are an incredibly flawed group in the NFL. This is a group of individuals that don’t even care about their own players when they have traumatic head injuries, and help cover it up to win games,” Ferguson said. “This is a league that will help cover up any crime that has been committed if one their players can help them win a game. I’m not surprised the owners are standing arm and arm with these players. They care about winning games, they care about making money.”

Ferguson defended President Donald Trump and said the NFL should do more to stand up for the flag instead of covering up their players’ misdeeds.

“The president was criticizing the NFL owners saying, why don’t you do your job and protect this country and our flag and our veterans and stop being a league that allows people who beat their wives and beat their girlfriends — you guys helped them cover it up for goodness sake as the owners,” he said. “They will cover up anything to win a game, so of course they’re not going to have a backbone and stand up for the American flag. They’re going to stand by their players every time they get a chance, because they care about winning and making money at all costs.”

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Chad Brown disagreed with Ferguson and said the league is a positive influence on the community. Prompting Ferguson to ask, “Did they protect the player’s health? They didn’t. They lied to the players.”

He then said Colin Kaepernick is not registered to vote, and called him a “hypocrite” for supporting Fidel Castro.

“Colin Kaepernick isn’t even registered to vote, and didn’t vote in any election including the last one after he started the protest,” Ferguson said. “Colin Kaepernick is a guy that’s a hypocrite. He supported Fidel Castro. A guy who brutalized his own people. The same brutality he says he’s standing up against in this country he supports in another country. And isn’t even registered to vote in this country, and didn’t get involved in the last election. That’s hypocrisy.”

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