CNN Panel: It’s ‘Revealing’ That Donald Trump Praised ‘Overwhelmingly White’ NASCAR

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A Monday panel on CNN discussed Donald Trump’s praise of the “overwhelmingly white” sport of NASCAR.

Host Wolf Blitzer first posed to CNN political analyst Mark Preston, “You know, Mark, the President thanked NASCAR for its stance on the flag and the anthem. He tweeted this, I’ll put it up on the screen. ‘So proud of NASCAR and supporters and fans. They won’t put up with disrespecting our country and flag. They said it loud and clear!'”

“In contrast to the NFL, NASCAR’s overwhelmingly white–the drivers, the fan base,” he continued. “Was that a revealing tweet by the president?”

“It was a revealing tweet,” Preston concluded.


Blitzer was referring to this tweet:

Following President Trump’s tweets, NASCAR addressed its stances publicly:

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