ESPN’s Jemele Hill Wrongfully Thinks The Confederate Flag Is Part Of NASCAR

(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for ESPN)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN anchor Jemele Hill proved her ignorance of NASCAR late Sunday night when she tweeted about the Confederate flag.

“But that Confederate flag is welcome anytime at NASCAR races #TheIrony,” Hill tweeted as a quote to a tweet from The Hill about NASCAR owners threatening to fire drivers who protest the national anthem.

Hill must not follow the news much, which is weird considering she is supposed to be a professional sports personality, because NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from being used in official capacity back in 2015.

“In all areas that NASCAR controls on a given race weekend, the flag has no presence. We have been clear in support of this position throughout our industry and to those across the country who have called for the eradication of the Confederate Flag,” NASCAR CEO Brian France told the media back in 2015.

Either Hill knows fully well the flag is banned from being associated in an official capacity with NASCAR and she’s lying, or she just displayed an incredible amount of ignorance from an ESPN employee.

It’s amazing how people in the media will spin things or say things without looking for the correct information first.

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