EXCLUSIVE: The Antifa Professor Who Celebrates Dead Cops Has A COMMUNIST Grading Policy

Isaacson antifa professor YouTube screenshot/Fox News

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The taxpayer-funded economics professor who laughed about dead cops and openly supports militant anti-police groups has a communal grading policy which awards grades to individual students based on the work and participation of other students.

The professor, Mike Isaacson, taught until recently at the City University of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He is one of the creators of Smash Racism D.C., an antifa organization in Washington.

Isaacson’s official grading curve policy in a course titled “Introduction to Economics and Global Capitalism” explains that he gives individual students grades based on “class effort.”

“Few academic or professional endeavors are the result of individuals acting alone,” Isaacson’s grading curve policy states. “All graded assignments will receive grades reflective of not only individual efforts, but also class effort.”

The “pursuit of knowledge is a collective pursuit,” the antifa professor says.

As such, students in Isaacson’s class receive grades which are “normalized” and “then redistributed across a normal distribution with a mean of the class median grade and standard deviation equal to one-fourth of the interquartile range.”

“It’s okay if you don’t understand what that means,” Isaacson also announces. “I have prepared a sample grading sheet for you to play around with.”

In several tweets over the course of many months, Isaacson has expressed support for murdering police officers and declared that antifa violence is “necessary” for social progress.

In a series of now-deleted tweets throughout 2017, Isaacson posted one-off comments about dead police and service members, including a suggestion about “killing superior officers” in the military to “stop war.”

Isaacson deleted tweet image

Isaacson deleted tweet image

Isaacson deleted tweet image

Isaacson deleted tweet image

Isaacson has also referred to “anti-communism” as “code for fascism.”

Earlier this month, administrators at John Jay placed Isaacson on administrative leave. (RELATED: Professor Who Cheered Cop Deaths Placed On Administrative Leave)

“I want to state clearly that I was shocked by these statements. They are abhorrent. This adjunct expressed personal views that are not consistent with our college’s well known and firm values and principles and my own personal standards and principles,” school president Karol V. Mason said in a statement sent to The Daily Caller.

The chancellor of the City University of New York system, James B. Milliken, also issued a statement condemning Isaacson.

“We will always stand up for freedom of speech and the open exchange of sometimes conflicting or offensive ideas, but we will also condemn statements we deem hateful, discriminatory and harmful to our community,” Milliken said.

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