More Bad NFL News — Brandon Marshall Allegedly Spit On A Fan

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Matt Candler Contributor

Following the NFL’s mass-protest of the national anthem on Sunday, it’s pretty obvious that its players don’t care about their customers.

If there was any doubt about whether or not that was true, New York Giants’ wide receiver Brandon Marshall solidified that notion.

Prior to the Giants’ game in Philadelphia, Marshall got into an argument with an Eagles’ fan during warmups. That fan says the six-time pro bowler then spit on him, before he was pulled away by members of the Giants’ staff. It’s unclear if it was done deliberately or not. But, either way, it’s just another example inside the NFL players’ mindset towards fans if the allegations are true.

The league’s protest is an assault on the American flag, and the United States’ serviceman and women who protect us all. If 33-year-old Marshall did in fact spit on that fan, it’s also an assault on an individual, according to the law.

I’m not saying that the fan should press charges and play the “traumatized victim” role, but what other profession can an employee spit on a paying customer without facing any consequences?

The arrogant NFL sees itself as an inelastic product. Sorry, Commissioner Goodell, but NFL games are not gasoline, drinking water, or medicine. Americans don’t need you. Professional sporting events were originally designed to be weekend entertainment, a get-away of sorts, for hardworking Americans.

Declining NFL television ratings are proof that the league is turning off fans.