Rapper 50 Cent: ‘We Gotta Get Rid Of’ Trump [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Rapper 50 Cent said during a Monday interview on “The View” that “we’ve gotta get rid of” President Donald Trump if he doesn’t listen to his advisers.

Cohost Whoopi Goldberg asked 50 Cent, given name Curtis Jackson, how he felt about President Trump referring to kneeling NFL players as “sons of bitches.”

“I think if I was the president by accident I would be doing things like that,” 50 Cent said as the audience laughed. “If you roped me into a show and I was the president by accident I would be doing what Trump does.”

“It’s like there’s nobody there for help, like, who’s helping him, who’s telling him anything?” he asked.

Cohost Joy Bear chimed in, asking 50 Cent what should happen if Trump has advisers but just doesn’t listen to them.

“Then we gotta get rid of him,” 50 Cent concluded to cheers and applause from the audience.


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