The Outcry Over Border Control Halloween Costumes Is Ridiculous

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Halloween is such a special time of the year. Kids and adults alike dress up in humorous and ironic costumes to bring in the harvest season.

And I’ve been excited to see what the costume of 2017 will be. Fake News? Rocket Man? Someone from “Game of Thrones?” The possibilities are endless.

Unless you’re a part of the PC police. Then you have like 3 lame options to choose from.

This is the fourth year in a row that border agent costumes will be sold at Spirit Halloween stores. But hypersensitive Halloween-haters are only now calling for the costumes to be pulled from shelves. People have been buying these costumes since 2013, but now that Trump’s in office the costumes are apparently culturally insensitive and off limits.

I remember the outrage at my college when somebody dressed up as a sombrero-wearing taco one year. And there were plenty of sheriffs, Officer Dangles, and Mavericks from Top Gun to last a generation. I’m sure there were probably even a few border agents thrown into the mix.

And nobody died.

For anyone who’s unaware of what goes on during Halloween, people dress up for two reasons: sex appeal and comedy. Neither of these things are usually PC. Most guys dress up as some iteration of law enforcement and girls typically dress up as sexy Elmo or something. It’s called culture.

So to all you people who are offended about Officer Wall and Border Babe, take a number. It’s not in vogue to be insulted by costumes. It’s a tale as old as time. The only people complaining about costumes on Halloween are the lame buzzkills of the crowd. Take your Hugo Chavez costume somewhere else.

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Jena Greene