TheDC’s Editorial Director: Graham-Cassidy Unlikely To Have ‘Quick Visit’ To Floor [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Vince Coglianese, The Daily Caller’s editorial director, said Monday that there are no signs the Graham-Cassidy health care bill will come up for a vote anytime soon.

With Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Arizona Sen. John McCain a firm “no” on the bill, Republicans are trying to attract Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, but many have guessed the bill may be headed toward failure.

“Democrats are desperately trying to kill this thing while they still can, I mean, clearly the Trump administration has to worry about Republicans at this moment,” Coglianese, who hosts WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall,” said. “Just a couple of senators are at the core of this and are going to likely be the reason we don’t have a bill this week.”

Coglianese noted that Senate Majority Leader McConnell said he would only bring the bill up if he had the votes to pass it, and, not only has a vote not been held, but there isn’t even a vote scheduled.

“So all of that is leading all political observers that this thing is not heading for a quick visit to the floor,” Coglianese concluded.


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