These Veterans Will Never Kneel For The National Anthem [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo credit: PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images)

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Just when the the national anthem protest was fading out of memory, it made a huge resurgence around the NFL on Sunday.

On Friday, Donald Trump spoke at a campaign rally in Alabama where he addressed the protest and called for any player who kneels for the national anthem to be fired by NFL owners. The president’s remarks caused a noticeable reaction from players from around the league, and nearly 200 of them chose to either kneel or sit for the national anthem on Sunday. (RELATED: The Percentage Of NFL Players That Didn’t Stand For The National Anthem Is Unacceptable)

Unfortunately, it seems that these NFL players have forgotten that the national anthem and the flag are to be respected as a symbol of our military and our veterans. We’d like to remind those protest participants who they should be standing for during the national anthem with photos of these veterans who will never take a knee when the national anthem plays.