CNN Shows Panel Of Trump Supporters Regretting Vote — Only 6% Actually Do

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CNN recently broadcast a panel of Donald Trump voters, with the majority of them expressing second thoughts or regrets about their vote.


The panel of five had two voters who did not regret their vote, but three who raised their hand when asked about possible regrets. A video clip of the panel was featured on, titled, “Man on Trump vote: What did I do?

“A panel of Trump voters discuss the why (sic) they’re having second thoughts about voting for the President,” the description reads.

However, data from the Voter Study Group shows that only six percent of Trump voters regret their vote. Notably, this is also the same exact percentage of Clinton voters that regret their vote. (RELATED: Here’s The One Group Of Trump Voters Who Regret Their Vote)

One Trump voter criticized the president for his choice of education secretary Betsy DeVos, while another man claimed that he got second thoughts on Trump the day after the Inauguration when his candidate took issue with the media coverage of his crowd size.

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