Flat Earth Rapper B.o.B. Says Show Me ‘The Curve’

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Rapper B.o.B. is on a flat Earth mission and daring the world to show him “the curve” of the Earth if it is really round, CNN reports. He wants the issue settled once and for all — apparently unaware that most people believe it has been for centuries.

The entertainer is launching a GoFundMe campaign that seeks to capture proof that there is an actual curvature in the Earth, making it spherical and not like a cosmic pizza in the universe.

The Flat Earth Society — long the butt of jokes — is a coalition of sorts. For some, it’s just a lot of fun and games, but at the core of the group are ardent disciples who believe all the scientific evidence — from Galileo to the photos taken by the NASA astronauts — is a mountain of deceit. Flat Earthers are convinced that if the Earth really resembled a ball, we could all plainly see the curve from multiple viewing points.

B.o.B. knows the truth is out there and says he wants to “launch multiple satellites into space” that can then monitor the movement and shape of the Earth — even though that’s already been done.

In a video on his fundraising website, he introduces himself as “flat Earth B.o.B.” and tells potential donors, “I’m looking for the curve.”

To make it happen, the recording star is seeking support to raise $200,000 in blast-off funds to send his surveillance platform into space. He’s even dubbed his cosmic quest “Show BoB The Curve.”

As of Tuesday morning, the rapper had raised a total of $671.

If you count all their followers on Facebook and Twitter, the Flat Earth Society exceeds 100,000 names.

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