Hillary Clinton Still Trashing Bernie Sanders [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Even as she completes her book tour, Hillary Clinton is still trashing Bernie Sanders at every turn.

And don’t expect the attacks to stop anytime soon. On Monday, in an interview with Charlie Rose, Clinton again took shots at Sanders.

“A lot of the people who supported him never came around,” Clinton said. “I worked really hard, not just to endorse then-Senator Obama but to convince my supporters. I was still arguing with my supporters at the convention in Denver to make sure they got out and voted for [Obama].”

“I keep saying, ‘name one example of what you’re talking about, you know, you just keep reiterating these attacks’ and of course he couldn’t, and you know, Democrats rejected him,” she throttled. “I beat him by nearly four million votes.”


Clinton had previously savaged her fellow 2016 Democratic candidate her memoir, “What Happened?” itself, accusing Sanders of stealing her ideas and encouraging his supporters to harass her online. (RELATED: Hillary’s Latest Wrath Falls In Bernie’s Lap) 

In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, she also said Sanders didn’t offer her “respect and reciprocity” by endorsing her immediately when it became clear she would win the nomination. (VIDEO: Clinton Blasts Bernie Sanders, Calls His Supporters ‘Incredibly Divisive’) 

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