MSNBC Analyst: Trump Basically Shouted The N-Word [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC analyst and GOP strategist Steve Schmidt said Tuesday morning that President Trump basically said “the n-word” by deriding NFL players as “sons of bitches.”

Schmidt said during a panel on MSNBC Live that he watched an NFL player “get jammed up” when someone asked him if Trump is a racist.

“Well let me say it,” Schmidt asserted. “He’s a racist.”

Schmidt argued that Trump’s battle with the kneeling NFL protesters during his rally in Alabama proves that he is a racist and, in fact, is basically “shouting the n-word.”

“You look at that speech in Alabama to an all-white crowd–we need to get real about this in this country,” he continued. “The President of the United States goes down there and he talks about ‘us’ and ‘those people.'”

“He came as proverbially as close as you can possibly come to shouting at a rally the n-word,” Schmidt claimed. “That’s what he did down there.”


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