MSNBC: Trump A Dog Doing Tricks For ‘Biscuits’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and John Heilemann compared President Donald Trump to a dog on Tuesday, accusing him of performing tricks for the media.

Heilemann started the conversation by claiming Trump only started caring about Puerto Rico’s hurricane damage when the press grilled him on the issue and said that Trump is “very responsive” to the press.

“Well I have a dog,” Wallace said. “They chase the [toy] and hope they’re getting the treat out–[Trump] chases the good news cycle, seriously?”

“Of course he does, we’ve seen this over and over again,” Heilemann declared. “If you give him a biscuit he’ll go and do the trick again and if you rap him on the nose with a newspaper he’ll try to fix that and he’s doing that right now.”

“I think your dog and mine have more empathy,” Wallace said, twisting the knife even harder.


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