MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Praises North Korea’s ‘Beautiful’ Infrastructure


Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Chris Matthews praised the infrastructure of North Korea Tuesday, marveling at the “beautiful” subways of the dictatorial regime.


Matthews said, “How can a country in the economic straights, how is it able to build infrastructure like the subway system I saw this morning? This beautiful subway system?”

He continued, “We are having a hard time doing it here. How do they get the capital? How does a country that is starving get the capital to put together those kinds of projects?”

Matthews has compared President Donald Trump to Kim Jung-Un, comparing Trump’s rallies to a something the North Korean dictator might like. (RELATED: Chris Matthews: Trump Like Kim Jong-Un [VIDEO])

The MSNBC host has previously characterized President Trump as “unpredictable” on North Korea and Iran.

At a press conference Tuesday, President Trump said he was prepared to use the military option against North Korea, saying that it would be “devastating.”

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