NYT’s Delivers Final Blow To Weiner: He Sexted A Young Girl. And Then He Gave Us Trump!

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In what had to be his most abominable sexts to the 15-year-old girl, ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Hotdogville) told her that after he was done with her, she would be limp for a week.

If only a NYT editorial could have the same affect on Weiner.

The Gray Lady didn’t go easy on Weiner a day after he sobbed in court and begged a judge to have mercy on him and not send him to prison.

In the editorial entitled “The Wreckage of Anthony Weiner,” the NYT eviscerated him to the bone without a shred of compassion or sense that they buy his remorse. In short — who cares about the admission of a sex addiction? The paper declared him a “pathetic jerk.”

“As painful as it is to watch a life in ruins, Mr. Weiner brought degradation upon himself,” the piece conveyed. “No public penance on his part, no acknowledgement of a sexual addiction, no level of commitment to rehabilitation, no expressed regrets for having turned lives upside down could absolve him of grave sin.”

And then, with his guts on the sidewalk, the NYT kicked Weiner some more, giving it the feel of a Greek tragedy.

“If character is indeed destiny, Mr. Weiner’s fate was sealed long ago. His narcissism was profound and undisguised. His tantrums on the floor of the House could be epic. His serial use of social media to engage in sexual byplay with women — apparently without actually having sex with them — turned him into a national joke.”

And the final dagger to the heart, which exposed the NYT‘s true beef with Weiner. Sure, their problem with Weiner is the obvious pedophilia tendencies.

But it’s also, pointedly, that Weiner — the idiot who couldn’t keep his ding dong off the internet — gave them President Trump.

“To put it bluntly, Anthony Weiner — smart, often witty, politically deft, at one time plausibly a strong candidate for New York mayor — proved to be a pathetic jerk. But few jerks do as much damage as he did …he may even be responsible for Donald Trump being president.”