Presidential Cadence: Male Pattern Boldness

REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

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Are you like me? Do you take your politics, music and visual arts very seriously? Well if you do you’re not like me, as among the three, music is the only one I couldn’t live without.

I have noticed, though, that many of President Trump’s pronouncements sound like one of two things: 1970s/80s rock ballads, or Game of Thrones episodes. I suppose there are worse cadences into which he could fall. For instance, when giving relationship advice, I invariably go no deeper than 38 Special lyrics.

Of course, I’m just advising middle-aged married friends over coffee to hold on loosely, while he is the President of the United States. So I did what anyone who’s seen The Pelican Brief would do. I drafted a memo exploring the implications of this “male pattern boldness” I’d identified.

You can probably guess what happened next, as it’s your classic Hollywood tale. Boy finishes memo. Boy rewards himself with a burrito at Chipotle. Boy gets roughed up in the parking lot by Bilderberger-types who warn boy he’s getting too close to the truth, take his burrito and yell while peeling out in their Camaro “nobody pays extra for guac!”

And so I’ve abandoned my original writing project. But I feel it my civic duty to publish my findings, arranged for your enjoyment as a pithy little quiz.

Nota bene: If without cheating you score 100% on identifying all (a) Presidential pronouncements, congratulations, you are one seriously engaged citizen, (b) Game of Thrones episodes, there’s a good chance you’ve been to Medieval Times without the children in tow and (c) rock ballads, I’d love to have a beer with you sometime. Now, let’s do this thing:

Quiz: (a) President Trump Pronouncement, (b) 70s/80s Rock Ballad or (c) Game Of Thrones Episode?

1. Fire and Fury
2. Fire and Rain
3. Fire and Blood
4. Lyin’ Ted
5. Lyin’ Eyes
6. Sleepy Eyes
7. Hungry Eyes
8. Hungry Like The Wolf
9. The Dragon and the Wolf
10. Dire Wolf
11. Kissed By Fire
12. We Didn’t Start the Fire
13. You’re Fired
14. Mockingbird
15. The Red Woman
16. Fire Woman
17. Nasty Woman
18. Rocket Man
19. First of His Name
20. A Horse with No Name
21. Beyond the Wall
22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)
23. I Would Build a Great Wall
24. The Night Lands
25. Badlands
26. Bad Hombres
Answers: 1. a; Donald Trump, 2017; 2. b; James Taylor, 1970; 3. c; GoT Season 1; 4. a; Donald Trump, 2016; 5. b; Eagles, 1975; 6. a; Donald Trump, 2013; 7. b; Eric Carmen, 1987; 8. b; Duran Duran, 1982; 9. c; GoT Season 7; 10. c; Grateful Dead, 1970; 11. c; GoT Season 3. 12. b; Billy Joel, 1989; 13. a; Donald Trump, Too Frequently To Count; 14. b; Carly Simon & James Taylor, 1974 and c; GoT Season 4; 15. c; GoT Season 6; 16. b; The Cult, 1989; 17. a; Donald Trump, 2016; 18. a; Donald Trump, 2017 and c; Elton John, 1972; 19. c; GoT Season 4; 20. b; America, 1971; 21. c; GoT Season 7; 22. b; Pink Floyd, 1980; 23. a; Donald Trump, 2016; 24. c; GoT Season 2; 25. b; Bruce Springsteen, 1978; 26. a; Donald Trump, 2016.

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