Rush: NFL Is Being Used As a Tool For An ‘Anti-American Agenda’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday that the NFL is being used by leftists to promote an “anti-American agenda.”

Limbaugh said, “we’re dealing with liberalism here, and we’re dealing with the left, and that’s just not how they operate. Everybody knows how much I love the NFL and how bigger than life it’s always seemed to me, but it doesn’t seem bigger than life.”

“It just seems like a tool now. It’s become a tool. I don’t mean slang for tool. It has become something being used by the political forces of the left to advance their agenda, which is an anti-American agenda,” he said.

The talk show host also stated that despite what President Trump had said about NFL players kneeling not being about race, the controversy is in fact about race for liberals.

Limbaugh said, “…believe me, this is all about race. It’s not about equality. It’s not about all these other bromides. It’s all about race. The left has their hooks in it, and when that happens it just never ends well. I’d like for this to be the first time, I’d like for this to be the first organization that effectively spit the left out, said, ‘leave us alone.’ It isn’t gonna happen. I would love it if it did.”

The conservative host said Monday that he made an active decision to not watch Sunday football for the first time in decades over the national anthem controversy. (RELATED: Rush Limbaugh: I Decided Not To Watch Football On Sunday For The First Time In 45 Year)

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