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4 Things You Should Know About Selecting Men’s Jewelry

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Michael Adams Contributor

Say there’s an important event coming up and you would like to get the special guy in your life something nice. Your mind immediately goes to some type of jewelry. The question is what sort of jewelry would be appropriate. Since you’ve never purchased any jewelry for this man before, it pays to keep a few basics in mind. Doing so will help you choose something that he will truly like.

Personality Matters

One of the ways you can make the right decisions about high-end mens jewelry is to consider the personality of the man who will receive it. Is he the happy-go-lucky type who tends to take things in stride? Perhaps he’s more of the type who requires that everything be in order. Maybe he is career-driven, or he places a great deal of emphasis on relationships. When you take into account the type of personality he possesses, you will be on the first step to finding the ideal jewelry.

Size Makes a Difference

Scale is another point to ponder before you settle on the right jewelry. Men come in all sizes and shapes. Even as you would purchase an article clothing designed to fit, that same approach applies to the selection of jewelry.

Consider the build of the man in question. Is he tall and slim with lean muscle? You may find that jewelry like designer mens bangles that are thinner would be best. If he’s has more of a muscular build with thicker arms and wrists, you would want to go with something that is thicker. Even with rings, consider the length and girth of the fingers and choose something that will be in balance with the size.

Going for Something Different

There is no rule that says you must purchase jewelry that is of the same kind as what he already owns. Maybe you haven’t seen him wearing a chain, necklace, or pendant in several years. Who’s to say that he wouldn’t like one now? Assuming that you find something that fits in with the style of clothing he wears most of the time, a necklace sporting more than one metal and maybe some small diamonds would be a great choice.

His Taste Not Yours

Above all, keep the tastes of the recipient in mind. Too many people make the mistake of buying gifts that they would like to receive and pay little to no attention to what they know about the person who ultimately gets the present. Try to put your own taste to one side and ask yourself if a particular piece of jewelry is something your man is likely to enjoy. If you are not sure, take that as a sign to keep looking. When you do find something that looks great and happens to be in line with his preferences, you have a winner.

Unlike many other types of gifts, jewelry is intended to be a gift that can be used for a long time. Choose wisely and every time the recipient wears the jewelry, he will remember you with fondness.

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