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Now You Can Add Strawberry Flavor To Your Cannoli Vape

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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We have reviewed two of the four Cassadagga cannoli flavored liquids. Both has been extremely positive reviews. Today, it’s “Cannoli Be Mine” that we’re featuring. A cannoli’s rich and smooth vanilla cream is paired with a generous drizzle of strawberry. It has a 80/20 VG/PG mix and comes in a 60ml bottle. You have the option of 0, 3, and 6mg nicotine levels. Personally, I have used the “Cannoli Be One”, which is the traditional cannoli flavor liquid and was massively impressed. Adding some strawberry to the mix should be a good combination of flavors, I would assume.

The reviewer is a fan of Cassadagga flavors, as am I. He has enjoyed all of them. For me, it was only the one flavor as noted above. As far as the Cannoli Be Mine, he raves, “They did it again. They nailed it. They blew my socks off. This liquid is so damn tasty I wanna pour it on my pancakes. It’s fire. It’s everything I hoped it would be while I waited and waited 5 months for it to be released. The original flavor hasn’t been compromised at all. This is an entirely different E-Liquid. It a league of its own.” We learn that the original cannoli flavor which I enjoyed, is not negatively effected by adding some strawberry flavor. That is a very good thing! He says that the creamy vanilla cream flavor is still apparent, but the pastry flavor is diminished a little while the strawberry flavor takes over. So you get that perfect mix of strawberry and cannoli cream. Yum.

Cannoli Be Mine — $24.99

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