CNN Contributor Spreads Fake Picture Of LeBron Giving Trump The Finger


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CNN contributor Ana Navarro apparently got fooled by a fake picture of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James wearing an explicit anti-Trump shirt.

Navarro shared a picture of James wearing a shirt with a big middle finger on it above Trump’s name and the phrase “U SON OF A B*TCH,” an apparent reference to Trump’s attack on NFL players who kneel during the national anthem.

Navarro captioned the photo: “Freedom of expression Makes America Great. Whether u approve or not, we’re free to wear this. Could get u jailed or killed in some places.”


The image appears to be a photoshopped version of a picture from the 2016 NBA Finals. That picture shows James wearing a shirt with a picture of the Undertaker — a professional wrestling character — on the front.

Navarro had yet to delete the tweet, which was shared thousands of times across Twitter, by the time this story was published.