CNN’s Ana Navarro Threatens To Have A ‘Puerto Rican Moment’ On TV

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN’s Ana Navarro warned a fellow commentator to watch what he said because she was “about to have a Puerto Rican moment” Tuesday.


On “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon,” Navarro said, “[Trump] should be talking about one thing and one thing only, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico. Not tweeting against John McCain, not tweeting against the NFL.”

Host Don Lemon cut in, saying, “I want to get Stephen in, you heard…”

Navarro then warned CNN analyst Stephen Moore, “careful what you say today because i’m about to have a Puerto Rican moment right now.”

Lemon laughed and remarked, “She’s very passionate.”

Navarro is an American citizen born in Nicaragua. She is not Puerto Rican.

It is unclear what Navarro meant by this remark, but it was seemingly an insinuation that she was about to become irrational or unstable, negative attributes that the CNN commentator apparently associates with the Puerto Rican people.

Navarro also harshly criticized President Trump, calling him a “lame, pathetic, excuse for a President.”(RELATED: CNN’s Ana Navarro: ‘JERK’ Trump ‘Drives Me Crazy’ With Tweets [VIDEO])