ESPN’s Jemele Hill Slams ‘Dumb Narrative’ Against Her Trump Comments

Liam Clancy Reporter
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ESPN’s Jemele Hill wrote an opinion piece Wednesday blasting the conservative response to her comment calling President Trump a white supremacist.

“Since my tweets criticizing President Donald Trump exploded into a national story, the most difficult part for me has been watching ESPN become a punching bag and seeing a dumb narrative kept alive about the company’s political leanings,” Hill wrote.

Hill further blamed conservatives for targeting her due to her sex and race.

“It’s simply indicative of just how complex things get for people in OUR position — especially if you’re a woman and a person of color,” Hill added.

Hill also defended her political comments as a sports commentator.

“Yes, my job is to deliver sports commentary and news. But when do my duties to the job end and my rights as a person begin?” Hill continued. “This is not a time for retreating comfortably to a corner.” (RELATED: Trump Has ESPN Thinking They’re Actually CNN)