High School Football Coach’s Wife Pleads Guilty For Traumatizing Player With A Bunch Of Sex

Knox County Sheriffs Office

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A 27-year-old wife of a former assistant football coach at a high school in Knoxville, Tenn., has pleaded guilty for having a bunch of sex with a sophomore football player.

The wife, Kelsey McCarter, admitted to repeatedly two-timing her husband with a 16-year-old high school football player — and sending him topless video. She pleaded guilty to half a dozen statutory rape charges (and a count for the raunchy video) on Monday, reports the Knoxville News Sentinel.

McCarter had faced the possibility of 38 years in prison. Her guilty plea will allow her to serve a three-year term and to be eligible for parole after only 11 months.

The scene of the soap opera involving the wife, her assistant coach husband and the player was Knoxville’s South-Doyle High School.

According to prosecutors, Kelsey McCarter had sex with the 16-year-old football player a whole bunch of times between Feb. 1, 2015 and Dec. 31, 2015.

The player and his older brother — also a football player — were living with Justin and Kelsey McCarter at the time. Justin McCarter had invited the brothers to live in the McCarter house because they had been skipping school and exhibiting behavior problems at school.

One sexual encounter between Kelsey McCarter and the sophomore player occurred when she was driving him to his mother’s visit for a visit, prosecutors said.

There are no allegations of sex between Kelsey McCarter and the older brother.

Kelsey McCarter’s attorney, Doug Trant, said she is really sorry.

“She made a mistake,” Trant told the News Sentinel. “She’s sorry she put her family through this.”

Also, Justin McCarter and Kelsey McCarter appear to have remained married in spite of the affair.

“She’s young, and as you saw, her family is here in support of her. Her husband is strongly supportive of her,” Trant also told the Knoxville newspaper.

The brouhaha has caused notable repercussions at South-Doyle High. Last year, school district officials had suspended South-Doyle High principal Tim Berry and head football coach Clark Duncan because the two administrators did not promptly report the allegations that Kelsey McCarter had sex with a high school football player.

It’s not clear if the suspensions were paid or unpaid.

Berry, the principal, enjoyed a taxpayer-funded annual salary of $102,690 as of last year, according to previous reporting by the News Sentinel.

Coach Duncan, who is also the athletic director and an assistant principal, enjoyed a taxpayer-funded salary of $86,641 as of last year.

Justin McCarter, the assistant football coach with a wife who allegedly cheated on him with a sophomore player, brought home a yearly salary of $15,420.55.

In addition to his role as a football coach, McCarter was also an instructional aide.

Justin McCarter quit his coaching job at South-Doyle in 2016.

The South-Doyle High Cherokees football team finished 0-10 in 2015, a year after a much more impressive 12-1 season in 2014.

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