HuffPost Op-Ed Thinks Athletes Who Stand For Anthem Are Racist

Reuters/Andrew Boyers

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Huffington Post recently published an op-ed for the ages about how NFL players who stand for the anthem are white supremacists.

Author Jesse Benn wrote in part:

Understand this. White supremacy — as in the structures of opportunity, the legacy of/ongoing oppression of non-whites, and the asymmetrical hoarding of resources by whites — is what affords us the privileges that limit our view, making a peaceful act of protest seem offensive in spite of the broader context of what’s being protested. And the ignorant result of that privilege was on full display Sunday as white players stood next to their black teammates.

So let’s at least be clear that what those players stood for on Sunday was white supremacy. Full stop.

It’s probably a good sign for America when we start accusing people of being white supremacists because they stand for the national anthem. That’s generally a sign of rational and well thought out dialogue.

We all share very different life experiences, and we believe different things about what America represents. How the hell does Benn possibly know the life experiences or thoughts of every single white player who supports the national anthem? He obviously doesn’t. Accusing people of being racist without proof is a clown move, and there’s no other way around it.

Lastly, Benn describes himself as, “Dad, partner, engaged citizen, opinionated writer, leftist, PhD student.” I bet this guy is just an absolute joy at a party.

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