Paul Ryan: I Have No Disagreements With Trump

Justin Caruso Contributor

House Speaker Paul Ryan appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” Wednesday and declared that he had no disagreements with Trump and that the two had a “great” relationship.


Host Sean Hannity asked Paul Ryan about the “Republican senators that openly trash the president,” specifically name checking Sens. Ben Sasse and John McCain.

Hannity asks Ryan, “What is your relationship with him?

“It’s very good. The opposite. We have a great relationship.”

Hannity asks, “Are you happy with his presidency?

“I’m very happy. You don’t have that [bashing Trump] in the House of Representatives. You don’t hear that kind of talk from the House of Representatives,” Ryan answered.

The House speaker also said, “I think the president is giving us the leadership we need to get the country back on the right track.

Ryan was also asked by Hannity if he believed there was “anything on the agenda that’s not conservative?” or “any big disagreement you have with him?”

Speaker Ryan answered, “No.”

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