5 Things Only People With Naturally Curly Hair Understand

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Most of the time, you love your naturally curly hair. Then there are those days when you wonder what it would be like to have straight hair without having to spend hours using straightening products and irons. When it’s all said and done, you wouldn’t give up your curls for anything, but it would be nice if more people understood these five basics that you and your other curly-haired friends grasp so easily.

Rainy Days Always Get You Down

No you so much as your hair. The humidity that comes along with rainy weather can do a number on your hair. It can cause frizzing, some curls that get a little limp, and others that seem to tighten for reasons you have never really uncovered. On those days, it takes longer to get your hair in shape, even when you are using curly hair products and solutions that are designed to correct just about any type of issue you are having.

The Morning Roulette Wheel

On the good days, you get out of bed and all it takes is a little effort to ensure your hair looks great. Then there are the days when one side is a little flat and nothing you do seems to make any difference. No matter what precautions you take the night before, it’s always anybody’s guess about how your hair will look in the morning. All you can do is celebrate the days when your hair looks great and keep an arsenal of products on hand for the mornings when your hair seems to have a mind of its own.

Forget About Bangs

Once or twice you’ve tried to add bangs to your hairstyle. The thing is that once you manage to trim and straighten enough hair for bangs, the idea didn’t seem like such a good one anymore. The bangs looked out of place with your curly locks, or they would begin to shift position as you gazed in the mirror. Face it, trying to have bangs when your hair is naturally curly is more work than you are willing to put into the effort.

Breakage is a Real Thing

Some people think that curly hair is somehow immune from frizzing and breaking. The fact is that the same issues that lead to breakage and frizzing for those with straight hair also affect your curls. That’s why there are frizz control products designed especially for people with curly hair. Those products often provide the additional nutrients needed to keep the hair healthy. Some also provide additional protection to hair shafts and keep them from being damaged by rollers, curling irons, and anything else that you use on a regular basis.

Your Hair Never Looks Exactly the Same Twice

Since there are days when your curls will have their way no matter what you do, resign yourself to the fact that it will never look exactly the same twice. You may have a week when your hair looks almost the same and then the winds of change shift. Your best bet is to accept whatever happens with grace, use the best products to bring out the beauty of your hair, and step out the front door with confidence.

Above all, love those curls. No matter what happens, they are a part of what makes you a unique person. Learn how to care for your hair properly, make the most of all the benefits, and always have one other friend with curly hair who knows exactly what you go through each day. That understanding and sympathetic ear will come in handy when others just don’t get it.

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