Gold Star Parents: Will NFL Kneel When North Korea Points Nukes At Us? [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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When Gold Star parents asked filmmaker Spike Lee if the NFL would kneel when North Korea aims missiles at the U.S., Lee said he is more worried about Trump having nuclear codes.

On Wednesday night, CNN held a town hall on the NFL anthem controversy, and filmmaker Spike Lee was one of the panelists.

The parents of Staff Sgt. Louis Bonacasa, who was killed while deployed in Afghanistan, expressed their displeasure with the NFL protests and grilled Lee about what would happen if the U.S. were engaged in conflict with another country.

“When North Korea aims a missile at us, are these football players going to be on their knees or support our veterans?” Bonacasa asked Lee.

“Say that again?” Lee responded.

“When North Korea aims a missile at us, are these ‘heroes’…these NFL that can’t support our flag–are they going to be on their knees when this happens or are they going to support our veterans?” Bonacasa repeated, clearly frustrated with Lee.

“Sir, I’m worried about Donald Trump just as much as that crazy guy in North Korea,” Lee said, dodging the question. “And he has a nuclear code, I’m worried about that.”


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