Home Security: The Business of Replacing Older Windows

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When most homeowners choose to replace older windows, there are usually two things on the owner’s mind. One is the fact that new windows will improve the look of the place. The other is that new windows make the home more energy efficient. What is often overlooked is the way that replacing your older windows will make the home more secure. Here are some examples of how the right features will make it harder to intruders to force their way in and make what was once your haven into a place that doesn’t feel all that safe.

New Windows With Security Glass

Did you know that you can get security glass in those new Ottawa windows? It’s not just commercial buildings that can make use of this resource. Security glass is made using multiple layers of glass and usually some amount of acrylic in the design. The result is glass that can hold up well to all sorts of pressure, including the efforts of intruders to break the glass. If you are serious about keeping you and your family safe, going with security glass makes a lot of sense.

Better Locks

Take a good look at the locks on your present windows. How quickly could someone who was intent on getting into the house trigger it? Many older locks don’t take that much effort to toggle, especially if the window is not in the best shape in the first place.

You’ll find that many of the options for new windows in Winnipeg come equipped with locking systems that are far more secure than the ones you have now. While they are more effective at keeping intruders out, they are not any harder to operate from the inside. You won’t have any problem unlocking a window and opening it for some fresh air when the mood strikes.

Tamper Proof

Did you know that some intruders will use tools designed to help them loosen window sashes or frames? Instead of breaking through the glass and getting to the lock, they simply remove the sash from the frame. It’s quieter and also makes it possible to put the sash back in place after they take everything of value that you own.

The newer windows on the market today aren’t so easy to dismantle. The design makes it harder to remove a sash unless you have the training and the custom tools required. That will be enough to discourage your garden variety thief, especially after finding out the glass will not be easy to break.

What’s the security and safety of your family worth? Can you put a price on it? If not, now is the time to start looking at replacement window designs. When you talk with the contractor, remember to talk about safety features as well as other benefits. In the long run, those new windows will save money and also keep you and your loved ones safe.

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