Is This Video Real-Life ‘Jaws’? Man Comes Up Close And Personal With A Shark

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A shark latched onto a man while swimming off the coast of Marathon, Fla., in a terrifying video.

While the 1975 movie “Jaws” was mostly fiction, Evin Maccarty got a first-hand glimpse at the horror, when a small nurse shark latched onto his stomach, reported the New York Post Wednesday.

Maccarty originally went off the boat to catch lobsters when a shark latched onto him, biting his stomach. Fearing the shark would make him drown, he had to swim up for air without his arms by holding onto the shark with both hands.

“Don’t cut me! Don’t bleed him out on me!” yelled Maccarty, climbing on the boat, trying to break free from the shark’s grip.

“He didn’t get your penis, did he?” said one of his friends. His friends eventually got the shark to let go by using a large knife to force the mini jaws off their friend.


Maccartay added that he feared the shark would tare him open due to the blood spurting everywhere in the gruesome video captured, added the Daily Mirror.

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