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How To Pull Off Something Called A Vertical Split

YouTube screenshot/Official VGOD

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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In order to pull off a “Vertical Split,” first, you must be able to blow an O. According to the trickster in the video below, a common misconception with this trick is that you have to tilt your face down. You must blow an O straight and level with your face. Once an O is blown, almost simultaneously, you will want to get your hands up and push it. All is one motion. As you blow the O, you instantly push with your hands. But, remember, you are not actually touching the O. The momentum and pressure from keeping your hands behind the O will move it forward.

After blowing and pushing the O, you will want to keep your face flat, looking straight at the O, while staying level with it. Then move your face towards the O and inhale the top of the O and push again with both hands. Again, this is done all in one motion. As you end your inhale, simultaneously push. This helps to produce a splitting of the O and gives you your Vertical Split.

WATCH The Vertical Split: