IMPORTANT: What Happened To LeAnn Rimes?

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Did anyone ever wonder what happened to LeAnn Rimes?

It seems like we never see her anymore. Seriously.

LeAnn is a great actress and an even better singer. She had some of the best and catchiest hits produced in the early 2000s.

I mean, her prime produced both “How Do I Live” and “Can’t Fight The Moonlight.” Need I say more?

How could you forget “How Do I Live?” It was one of the best songs during the early 2000s and was always on the radio. “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” was featured in the popular movie “Coyote Ugly.”

I think we should see more of LeAnn. She has a great voice and we haven’t seen her in any shows or movies lately, so it would be nice to see her either coming out with new music or on TV. For now here is a slideshow of some of her best looks at events through the years.