Katy Tur: Why Hold Press Conferences If Puerto Ricans Can’t Hear it? [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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After a week of blasting President Trump for not talking enough about Puerto Rico, MSNBC’s Katy Tur is now questioning why Florida Gov. Rick Scott would have a press conference about the devastation.


Tur’s take was that it didn’t make sense for Scott to hold a press conference because “Puerto Ricans can’t hear any of this…so who is all of this for?”

Besides the obvious fact that press conferences may be targeted at other people–government officials, the general public, the press–Tur ignores that she has been repeatedly calling for more government statements on Puerto Rico.

Just 30 minutes before she complained about Scott’s speech, Tur said on her show that the Trump administration “changed their focus” to Puerto Rico only after they were “roundly criticized” by the media and Democrats.

“Something we didn’t see during Harvey…was the president took a real break from starting fights on Twitter,” Tur also said on Friday. “It’s notable that Puerto Rico happened a number of days ago and the president, while they were suffering…the president was picking a big fight with the NFL and tweeting about it for days on end.”

Tur criticized Trump earlier in the week as well for not responding enough to Puerto Rico, so is it really any wonder why Scott felt the need to hold a press conference?

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