Packers Fans Soundly Reject Anthem Protest [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Green Bay Packers fans are soundly rejecting their teams’ insistence that they lock arms in protest during the national anthem.


Most of the fans opted to stand with their hands over their hearts during the teams’ Thursday night game, and various fans that Fox News talked to at a tailgate are livid that the Packers are continuing to protest during the anthem.

“I’ve been through two wars. I’ve seen a lot, lost a lot of friends, and that flag is actually something,” a Packers fan and veteran said. “I’m a disabled vet, actually. I took three shots for this country. I still stand for the flag.”

“I kneel for the Lord, and I stand for the flag,” another asserted.

Another Packers fan said that when she saw some players kneeling, it “really disappointed” her. (RELATED: NFL Owner Says He Is ‘F*****g Livid’ At Players Who Protest The National Anthem)

One season ticket holder said he would even give up his tickets if the entire team were to kneel, and another said he bought the tickets to watch the team play football, not protest.

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