President Trump Promises ‘Massive Federal Mobilization’ To Help Puerto Rico

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump addressed the disaster in Puerto Rico Friday, promising a “massive federal mobilization” to help the U.S. territory in recovering from Hurricane Maria.


Trump said, “I would like to begin by sending our thoughts and prayers to the people of Puerto Rico who have been struck by storms of historic and catastrophic severity. People have never seen anything like this.”

“We’ve undertaken a massive federal mobilization to assist Puerto Rico, including the presence of over 10,000 federal personnel, including 5,000 u.s. military and national guard personnel–led by a very, very strong and talented three-star general. All appropriate departments of our government from homeland security to defense are engaged fully in the disaster and the response and recovery effort,” the president said.

Trump also said that the leaders of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have been “extremely good.”

“Both governors, I have to tell you, of Puerto Rico and of the Virgin Islands have been extremely good. They are working so hard. There’s nothing, the houses are largely flattened, the roads are washed away, there is no electricity, the plants are gone, they’re gone.”

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