‘The Social Justice Warrior Handbook’ Review: It’s Hard To Tell Parody From Reality

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Christopher R. Barron Chairman of the Board, GOProud
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There was a time when it was easy to laugh at the guy or gal on Facebook who shared an Onion story thinking it was real. Sadly, nowadays, the behavior of the social justice warrior left in this country often has me wondering what is parody and what is real life.

Look no further than the current “taking a knee” fad sweeping social justice warriors everywhere. Taking a knee during the national anthem certainly makes a loud political statement – and a truly insulting one at that – but simply taking a knee on the floor of the House, like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee did, or taking a knee in a promo for the X-Files, like David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson did, isn’t making a powerful political statement. Without the anthem there, taking a knee is at best the political equivalent of taking a nap and at worst is a symbol of servitude.

These are indeed truly stupid times we live in. Enter Lisa De Pasquale and her perfectly timed new book.

Lisa, a veteran of the conservative movement (with the best bangs in the country), has a new book that deftly takes advantage of the truly mind-numbing times we live in. Her book, The Social Justice Warrior Handbook, reads like an actual manual for snowflakes across the country, what’s great is that the entire thing is parody.

Lisa has an entire chapter dedicated to “How to Do an Epic Takedown of Tucker Carlson.” I am convinced this chapter had to be ghost written by Lauren De Luca or one of the dozens of other lefties who have popped into Tucker’s show convinced that they will be the one to finally take Tucker down. Like Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football, it never goes as planned. This, however, doesn’t stop the humiliated lefty from following The Social Justice Warrior Handbook’s most important advice for a Tucker takedown – “Declare Victory.”

“Once video of your interview has been posted, share on your social media accounts. SJW-friendly watchdogs like Media Matters will likely grab the video and help boost your case by saying you left Carlson speechless or that he defended an untenable position of the right. If there is any question that you didn’t win the debate, accuse the entire Fox News organization of ambush journalism and not giving progressives a chance to speak.” (Social Justice Warrior Handbook, p. 66).

Lisa’s book also includes a chapter that clearly is gospel for the folks at CNN – “How to Connect Any Issue to Donald Trump.”

The book has plenty of laugh out loud moments, with chapters like “How to Live in Your Parents’ Home with Dignity and Condescension” doling out advice for social justice warriors on how to best judge their parents food choices:

“Since your parents most likely do the bulk of the grocery shopping, don’t miss an opportunity to stand in front of the pantry or refrigerator and offer advice on their food choices. (Go ahead and still eat their food. You don’t want to be insulting.)

Lisa, who in the interest of transparency is a friend and the God mother of my dogs, comes from the Andrew Breitbart school of conservatism. Like Andrew, Lisa understands that politics is downstream from culture.

Her book is a reminder for conservatives that need to engage in culture and an even more important reminder that sometimes comedy is a more potent weapon than much of the scorched-earth politics we see today.

Do yourself a favor, go out and buy yourself a copy of the Social Justice Warrior Handbook today. While you are at it, go grab a copy for that annoying lefty in your life.

Christopher R. Barron is the President of Right Turn Strategies.

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