Watch This Sewer-Mouthed Student Steal A Guy’s MAGA Hat And Then Utterly Lose Her Mind [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshots /Campus Reform

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A tremendously angry student at the taxpayer-funded University of California, Riverside stole another student’s “Make America Great Again” hat. Then, she marched to a campus office and demanded that administrators outlaw “Make America Great Again” hats because they represent “genocide.”

The date when the MAGA hat thievery occurred is unclear but Campus Reform has obtained video of the incident from the victim, UC Riverside student Matthew Vitale. And it’s amazing.

The video begins with Vitale walking beside the woman, recording her as she walks. She is holding a red hat with the white words “Make America Great Again” printed across the front.

The woman walks into the office of student life at UC Riverside.

“So this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference wearing this fucking hat,” the hat bandit explains to administrators.

“Look at the kind of shit he’s wearing,” the angry woman says. “You know what this represents? This represents genocide — genocide of a bunch of people. And look at what he’s wearing in front of a group of people.”

Vitale — who remains relatively composed throughout the video — appeals to the rule of law.

“You do not get to take other people’s property that is legally theirs,” he says.

“Man, fuck your laws, alright?” the MAGA cap crook responds. “Do you have any fucking conscience?”

“Freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy,” she also declares.

The people behind the desk at the office of student life stand around, unsure about what to do.

“Are you people not going to do anything?” Vitale asks in a flabbergasted tone. “She’s stealing my property.”

At about this point, a woman behind the office counter reaches for a telephone.

Then, the woman who stole the MAGA hat goes off.

“You all are allowing people to wear this on a campus that has the majority of people of color?” she says to the administrators.

“Make America great again? It was never fucking great! Never!”

She also says she wants to burn the hat.

Vitale tells the thieving student that she can leave the country if she is not happy.

“Go to Mexico. Go wherever the hell you want. Give me back my hat.”

A new administrator then appears and attempts to calmly make peace between Vitale and the larcenous woman.

“He’s recording me like I’m the criminal here,” the woman says.

“Because you stole my hat,” Vitale reminds her.

“How about we talk about not letting people wear this shit on campus?” the sticky-fingered woman pleads to the gaggle of administrators now present.

“Most of the organizations at this school are led by people of color,” she says.

“I myself am half Nicaraguan,” Vitale responds.

Next, the woman reiterates her complaint that people are allowed to wear hats emblazoned with the words “Make America Great Again” on the public campus.

“I fucking hate this country,” the hat-thieving woman proclaims. “I’m staying here because there is shit that needs to be fixed here, so that’s why I’m staying. Alright? Because we need to get rid of all you all.”

Eventually, a little over six minutes into the video, administrators gently coax the woman to give the MAGA hat to them.

“Somebody back me up on this shit,” the woman pleads to the administrators — to no avail.

“Your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people,” she tells Vitale. “That’s what it is. Because you’re out there wearing hats like these that promote laws and legislation that literally kill and murder — in the masses — people of color.”

After nearly nine minutes, and after the woman issues a vague threat about how it’s “lucky” the hat theft occurred on a university campus, administrators give Vitale his hat back.

As the video winds to a close, the hat pilferer yells about “lynchings,” mass genocide,” “mass deportations” and “constant killings.”

As the woman tries to leave, two men who appear to be uniformed campus police officers appear at the door, blocking her exit.

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