MSNBC Panelist On Puerto Rico: Trump Believes ‘Only White People Are True Americans’ [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC political contributor Jason Johnson said on “AM Joy” Saturday that President Trump’s reaction to Puerto Rico was the result of “white nationalist” policy.


“This is what white nationalism looks like as policy. We’ve been talking about this all along. When you have a policy, when you have a belief that only white people are true americans, Puerto Rico are Americans, Donald Trump doesn’t care about that, therefore he is attacking people and distracting from the fact that our response there, to fellow American citizens, has not been adequate,” Johnson said.

Johnson wasn’t the only pundit to accuse the president of having racial motivations in his response to the disaster in Puerto Rico on the Saturday morning MSNBC show.

Also on “AM Joy” Saturday, New York City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said President Trump seems to believe that the lives of Puerto Ricans matter less than other Americans.


She said, “This is irresponsible. This is on his watch and he still does not seem to care. That is at essence what we have here–someone who does not have empathy, who does not care, who is implementing racist policy, who is setting a double standard that somehow the lives on this island, and on the U.S. Virgin Islands are not equivalent or don’t deserve or merit our attention or seriousness–and that’s not something we’ll let him get away with.

“I’m using my platform to raise the voice to hold him accountable and call it for what is it and I would hope that every representative on the island would do the same thing.”

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