New Orleans Saints Reveal If They’ll Stand Or Kneel For The Anthem

Drew Brees (Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports - via Reuters)

Matt Candler Contributor
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Will they stand, or will they kneel?

It’s unclear what all NFL teams plan to do for the national anthem ceremony for Sunday’s games, but it is now known the New Orleans Saints will kneel and stand. Quarterback Drew Brees recently gave details about the plans for the team on Twitter.

Following the National Football League’s groupthink decision to kneel during the national anthem, many of its fans have responded with extremely negative opinions. Some have refused to watch the games, leading to a decline in TV ratings. Others, who attend the games, have shown their displeasure by booing when these billionaire owners and millionaire athletes refuse to stand for the American flag.

The Saints are playing the Miami Dolphins in London this week. Last week, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars were there, and decided to kneel for The Star Spangled Banner, but all stood for the British anthem, God Save The Queen. It was an absolute PR nightmare.

No one really knows if the NFL’s popularity can completely bounce back, but it doesn’t seem like what the Saints plan to do will really help matters.

The Saints are basically trying to appease both sides of the debate, which, in my opinion, doesn’t really help the league’s relationship with its customers, the fans.