San Juan Mayor ATTACKS Trump, Melania: ‘Maybe He’s Used To Women Who Have To Be Told What To Do’ [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso Contributor
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San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz insisted Saturday that she had, “no time for small politics or for comments” — less than two minutes before attacking President Trump.


On “CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera,” Cruz told Anderson Cooper, “I smiled. Really,” in response to President Trump’s tweets about her.

“I have no time for small politics or for comments that really don’t add to the situation here,” she added.

Just about a minute later in the interview, Cooper said, “the President also says in a tweet early this morning that you had been nice to him early on but that Democrats told you you have to be nasty towards him.”

Cruz responded by attacking the President and women in Trump’s life, who she insinuates have “to be told what to do.”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s used to women who have to be told what to do. That’s not who we are in San Juan,” she said.

President Trump criticized Cruz Monday for “poor leadership ability,” stating that the island’s leaders want “everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.”

Cruz previously said, “we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy,” also claiming that the situation was “close to genocide.” (RELATED: San Juan Mayor Praised Convicted FALN Terrorist)

FEMA chief Brock Long has defended Trump saying that Mayor Cruz should, “make her way to the joint field office and get plugged into what’s going on and be successful.” (RELATED: FEMA Chief Defends Trump Tweets, Dings San Juan Mayor [VIDEO])

Mayor Angel Perez of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico has also criticized Cruz, saying that she “is not participating in any meetings.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Fellow Puerto Rico Mayor Rips San Juan Mayor — ‘She’s Not Participating In Any Meetings’)

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