CNN Panelist: ‘Outraged’ That ‘We’re Not Allowed To Talk About’ Guns

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem stated on CNN Monday that she is “outraged” at the fact that she’s “not allowed” to talk about guns being a public safety hazard in America.


“That’s the unique thing about this country. Terrorism, violence happens elsewhere. Here it’s because of accessibility of a certain weaponry. So, I’d be remiss not mentioning it now. I know it’s highly political, but, as a security person, this is–I’m looking at the access issue and looking at these numbers, and absolutely shocked and outraged that, for some reason, we’re not allowed to talk about that,” Kayyem said.

CNN’s John King added, “No question both the gun control and if you flip from the other side, the security questions are things that need to be discussed obviously, the gun control debate in the hours after, this is sensitive.”

Despite Kayyem’s protestations that “we’re not allowed” to talk about gun violence and gun control, top Democrats spent all of Monday doing exactly that. (RELATED: Democrats Immediately Call For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting)

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