Kathy Griffin Shows Her Support For Colin Kaepernick

(Photo: Getty Images)

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Controversy loves company, so it’s no surprise that Kathy Griffin is now voicing her support for Colin Kaepernick, even though she is late to the party.

The disgraced comedian who sparked outrage after posing for a photo with a severed, bloody Trump head this summer has been backing off her apology for the incident and is now in support of another controversial figure.

“I’m proud of you @Kaepernick7 Your activism has come at a price but you haven’t backed down…not even once,” Griffin said in a tweet on Sunday. “Thank you for leading the way.”

Kaepernick began the national anthem protest a little over a year now, when he was still playing for the San Francisco 49ers. Last Sunday, the former quarterback’s protest saw a large resurgence with nearly 200 players protesting during the national anthem in various fashions. This Sunday there was a significant decrease in players protesting after Donald Trump repeatedly bashed them for disrespecting the flag and the military.

Griffin took her apology back for her stunt with the severed Trump head about a month ago. The 56-year-old is preparing for the “Laugh Your Head Off” comedy tour, in which Trump will likely be a frequent target.