Louisville Officials Say FBI Evidence Points At Rick Pitino

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Louisville officials feel that the FBI’s evidence of bribery and corruption in college basketball leads up Rick Pitino’s responsibility.

No Louisville coaches are directly named in the FBI investigation, which also led to ten arrests, but school officials are pretty sure Pitino is responsible, according to TMZ Sports.

TMZ reported in part:

Despite the fact neither Pitino nor any member of his staff was mentioned by name in the FBI charging documents, Gregory Postel (interim school president) sent Pitino a letter on Sept. 27 saying the investigation clearly points to him. 

“The information provided by the Office of the U.S. Attorney … is disturbing and unprecedented in its allegations of willful misconduct, violations of NCAA Bylaws, and dishonesty, and serve to severely damage the reputation of the University of Louisville.”

“The allegations contained in the complaint … insinuate a scheme of fraud and malfeasance in the recruitment of student-athletes involving you and multiple members of your coaching staff in violation of federal law and NCAA Division I Bylaws.”

Things just get worse and worse for Pitino. The man has already lost his job, will likely never coach again and now he’s being publicly labeled a cheater and law breaker by his former school.

Things are only going to get worse for Louisville and its disgraced former coach if this path continues. He always had the reputation of being a bit slimy, and now we’re all finding out just to what extent that reputation was well earned.

Stay tuned because things are about to get a lot wilder before everything at Louisville calms down.

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