This Concealed Carry Holster Uses Magnets With Revolutionary Design

David Hookstead | Reporter

JM4 Tactical is revolutionizing the concealed carry game with holsters that utilize magnets.

I recently spent a lot of time looking over the High-Ride QCC Holster, and I was very impressed.

The holster retails for just under $80, but has the feel of a holster that should could three times as much. The JM4 website describes the holster as:

The High-Ride QCC is our direct response to your request. Designed more for jeans and belts the High-Ride QCC allows you to be armed and prepared without the hassle of clips that damage your clothing. The High-Ride does have magnetic retention but it has been reduced due to the placement of the magnets to acquire the higher ride of this holster. However the magnetic pull force remains the same as the Original QCC holster when evaluating the attachment to the waistline. You still have the same versatility as the Original QCC.

I put in a Glock 19 to test it out a couple different outfits. The draw was initially very tight, so I made the decision to let the gun sit in the holster overnight. The draw was as smooth as could be the next day. I would recommend doing this for anybody looking to purchase the holster.

Getting used to the magnets took literally no time at all. I hardly even noticed a difference of any kind, which is very neat and innovative. The only question that popped into my head was weather or not the magnets would hold up if somebody tried to get the weapon and holster off of your person. After some intense testing, I came to the conclusion the holster would hold up just fine.

The holster does a nice job of not printing on your person, which is impressive given the fact I had a Glock 19 in it. I personally don’t use a Glock 19 as an everyday carry weapon, but if I did I’d take a long hard look at this holster.

There are no noticeable drawbacks at all, it is very high quality, the price is more than reasonable and it feels comfortable on your body. If you’re in the market for a new holster and have a Glock 19 or similar gun, I’d suggest putting some serious consideration on the High-Ride QCC Holster.

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