Morning Mirror: Faith Writer Loses Faith In Social Media And May Say Sayonara

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Quote of the Day:

“Somebody tell us some good news like they cured cancer or something because FUCK TODAY.” 

David Leavitt, freelance writer, CBS, Yahoo, Examiner.

 Is another journalist preparing to flee social media? 

“Limiting my social media. Can’t handle Facebook anymore, saying ‘Bye, Felicia’ to Snapchat and thinking of other areas to cut.” — Billy Hallowell, senior editor, Faithwire News. “If social isn’t making us social, what’s it making us? …Me in 2009: Social media has transformed us into better, more connected people! Me in 2017: Has social media ruining everyone like whoa?”

Las Vegas Tragedy…

“Care. Love. Be outraged. Be devastated. Just don’t give up. The world needs good humans today.” — Ellen DeGeneres, talk show host.

“Days like today can make you feel powerless. You’re not.” — Stephen Colbert, CBS late-night host.

“We aren’t going to have a gun ban in America, rather than try to capitalize on a mass shooting, give blood, donate to charity, spread love.” — Mike Cernovich, national security reporter, conservative media personality.

When Tom Petty was teetering in the media between life and death 

“I hope Tom Petty has a chance to read all our commemorative tweets now that he’s alive again. Probably makes a guy feel good.” — Noah Rothman, Commentary Mag.

“Tom Petty died again. I wish he didn’t do us like that. But he didn’t back down. RIP.” — Randi, Mayem Singer, screenwriter of Mrs. Doubtfire.

“If Tom Petty really is still with us the song he writes about all this is gonna be EPIC.” — Joy Reid, MSNBC.

“I once saw Tom Petty in concert. He was fantastic. He’s also in The Postman, one of my favorite movies. You don’t have to live like a refugee and you shouldn’t ever back down.” — Charles C. Johnson, EIC, GotNews.

Darren Goode, formerly a Politico reporter, is communications director for Clearpath Action.

Reporter: My editor forced me to take a nap 

“After a stressful few days last November my editor forced me to take a nap. Our EIC had an all-hands on accessing counseling services.” — Noah Hurowitz, DNAInfo. He linked to this story in Columbia Journalism Review. 

Piers Morgan lashes out at former President Obama 

“Spare me your thoughts & prayers. That’s all you offered for 8yrs as President. You achieved zero new gun laws despite endless promises.” — Piers Morgan, Daily Mail columnist, in response to Obama, who wrote, “Michelle & I are praying for the victims in Las Vegas. Our thoughts are with their families & everyone enduring another senseless tragedies.”

No word on Morgan’s views on Trump’s prayers for the Las Vegas victims.

On journalism…

“Overheard in kitchen: ‘I hate writing the phrase, ‘in a series of early morning tweets.’” — Politico chief international affairs columnist Susan Glasser, who is married to NYT reporter Peter Baker.

On reporting news of ISIS claims… 

“Maybe news outlets should wait for a shred of evidence before passing along a publicity-seeking group’s claim of responsibility?” — Brian Stelter, CNN’s anti-Trump “Reliable Sources” host.  

“Why are y’all reporting this? Is it so important to be ‘first’ we can’t wait for at least a shred of confirmation?” — Jason Howerton, IJR.

Sports reporter makes a plea for joy on Twitter

“Judge my columns. Enjoy my tweets. Man, y’all insist on taking Twitter seriously. I don’t.” — Jason Whitlock, Fox Sports 1.


“Both my father and my sister are dead because of guns and I would like to plunge in now.” — Ashley Feinberg, Wired.

She’s reacting to Fox News media host Howard Kurtz, who wrote: “Gun control is a legitimate issue, but for the Dems already raising it after Las Vegas massacre, could we just have a day before plunging in.”

Erick Woods Erickson pens a poignant op-ed for the NYT 

If first sentences say it all, this one from Erickson in a recent NYT‘s op-ed piece speaks volumes:

“A year ago my life went to hell.”

Read the whole piece.

First Person 

“If your first reaction to last night was to politicize the tragedy, I’ve unfollowed you because I just can’t with you right now. I was up all night covering it, watching the death toll and injury count rise, and making sure people had access to local information sources so to lessen the impact of bots and trolls. I went to bed and the count was 50 dead and 406 injured; I woke up and the count was 58 dead and 515 injured. I am exhausted. There is still blood on the ground, thank God none of it belongs to my family, and I am in tears and fucking heartbroken for the families it does belong to. I am tired of people immediately politicizing every tragedy. We’ve had too many of all kinds recently. Get your social media points some other day. People are dead. Have some decency and give people more than an Internet second to mourn. And if you reply to defend yourself, your comment will be deleted, you will be unfriended and you will be blocked. I am not in the mood.”

Josh Peterson, self-employed journo based in Denver, Colo., formerly of The Daily Caller


Fox News: “@PaulRyan: ‘We are all just reeling from this horror that we witnessed in Las Vegas.'”

Oliver Willis: ‘Reeling’ so much you won’t do jack shit.

President Trump has blocked this Washington reporter on Twitter

This Politico media writer has issued a complaint

“BTW: There are few prominent journalists who block me for what, I assume, is the same reason: To dodge scrutiny for what they post publicly.” — Michael Calderone, media writer, Politico.

A PSA from New York Mag’s Olivia Nuzzi 

“Stupid tweets: leave them up/live with your shame.

Incorrect tweets: delete them/apologize.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.”

The Observers

“‘Warmest condolences’ sounds like a sympathy card written by a committee of sociopathic cavemen.” — Erin Gloria Ryan, The Daily Beast.

“Anyone else feel like there’s something about the shooter the mainstream media is keeping quiet? Something doesn’t add up.” — Tomi Lahren, FNC.

Alex Wagner to host upcoming ‘ridiculous’ show 

“Friends: if you live in New York or are visiting New York, I will be participating in ridiculous conversation with a few very smart people.” — CBS correspondent Alex Wagner, regarding “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!” See more info here.

In the Mirror

“Me: ok ready to face the day now. Also me: oh right might wana put on pants, do my hair, put on shoes.” — Shoshana Weissman, manages digital for the Washington think tank, R Street Institute, writer, The Weekly Standard.

In other terrible coffee mug news…

Libby Watson covers politics for Splinter News.

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